Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blessing of the Waters

Our family has still been battling illness, with at least one person sick since Christmas, so not all of us were able to attend Theophany Liturgy last evening, but we all managed to make it today for the outdoor blessing of the waters.  

Sunny and 38 degrees, not as bad as some years, but only four brave souls (and a priest!) decided to enter the waters.  
A pair of sisters and a pair of brothers, who also happen to be cousins!

This girl decided to stay out of the water!
Little brother looks on as two of his big sisters go in
the little princess was successful


  1. Joyous feast! That must have been some COLD water!

  2. Oh goodness they made me shiver watching them go in!! Congratulations to your girls and it was great to see your whole family out today. I thought it cool how the only four to go in are cousins. The family was well represented. :)

  3. Cold! We didn't make it to services this week because we are fighting illness. Thankfully, our parish does a public water blessing the Sunday after Theophany, so we will make it to that (as long as everyone else stays healthy!). Glorious Feast!

  4. We do the blessing at the Arkansas River every year. Sometimes it is cold and sometimes it is really, really, cold, but even on the just cold days I've never ventured into the water. Every year when I see these pictures of Fr. Stephen, I am humbled by his ... what is the right word? .... fortitude. ~ Fr. Joseph Bittle

  5. Thank you so very much for posting these photos and congratulations to your family -- and extended family! :) This is the first year we haven't made it out in at least 3 and maybe 4 years, and I did miss it, it is a blessing to life as well as to the waters!

  6. Fr. Joseph, perhaps I shouldn't give away his secret, but if it makes you feel better, there are hip waders hiding up under those vestments!