Monday, November 4, 2013

Things I never want to forget....

*the way a newborn smells
*the softness of the skin on the bottom of feet that have never taken a step
*the little sighing sounds a baby makes when nursing
*tiny chest moving up and down to the rhythm of shallow baby breaths
*how they stay crunched up with knees to their chest and bottom sticking out when you first pick  
them up
*fists tightly clenched
*first smiles
*the feeling of falling asleep with a baby on your chest
*the heaviness of a little one who cannot yet hold his head steady, and is happiest slumped against you, completely helpless and dependent
*silky softness of baby hair
*startle reflexes


Matushka Anna said...

Oh yes... *sigh*


Babies bring so much quiet joy!

mandysexton said...

I was just rocking Samuel and thinking some of these same thoughts...

monica said...

nursing my babe as i read this and pausing to look in her sweet eyes.

Martha said...

I ♥ the precious!

tanyakoenig said...

Yes, to everything, yes.

Michelle M. said...

I love this.. :)