Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A special visitor

This Sunday we had a special visitor to our atrium.
 Jane G. Meyer was in town and visited our parish, and graciously offered to read to our children.
The children loved getting to interact with her, and were amazed to have the author of many well treasured books take the time to read and pray with them.
What a beautiful moment!  The Level 3 children had just received the presentation of the Story of a Bread, which traces the path of the wheat seed to its ultimate fulfillment as the Body of Christ.  The children set the prayer table with the wheat, and we brought in a loaf of prosphora.  One child brought the rising leaven work to the table, and then added the grains of wheat from the parable shelf as well, and excitedly pointed out that we had all the stages of the bread!  Then we settled in to enjoy a reading of The Woman and the Wheat by the author.


elizabeth said...

how lovely!

Cassie said...

So I just showed these pictures to Nathaniel and he said "oh, yeah, she read to us." Ummmm . . . he didn't think I might want to know on SUNDAY???? *shakes head* silly boy! Thanks for posting this otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue!! haha