Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I will start posting about school, since that is primarily what this blog will be about, though I make no promises of the rabbit trails I may take. This week we decided to do something new. We follow a curriculum along the lines of The Latin Centered Curriculum http://www.latincentered.com/, so Latin and Math are our non-negotiable subjects. This week though I decided I needed a break, but instead of taking a week off of school, we are having a history fun week! That means, we are doing all of those great history projects I plan for us to do throughout the year, but never seem to actually get done. We are studying the Middle Ages, and so far we have created a Byzantine mosaic, a Viking rune, a viking longboat, made a castle from toilet and paper towel tubes, opened our knights chest, and cast a tarantula (from a kit the oldest has had for a year but we never got around to doing). We also baked bread, had art and piano lessons, and plan to visit the children's museum. Finally, the oldest is working on his History Portfolio http://www.homeschooljourney.com/, so lots of drawing (which he loves) and lots of writing (which he hates :) So they are having a blast, I am feeling not so guilty about all the supplies I bought for these projects at the beginning of the year, and we are reviewing all that we have learned up til now. I think in the future I will plan a week like this at least twice throughout the school year.

This is my first promise as a blogger!

here goes nothing!

Okay, I am jealous of all you bloggers out there! No, I do not have time for this, so this will be a minimalist approach to blogging - but I have gained so much from so many cyber friends out there, and I want to occasionally give back. So here is my first post, and hopefully I will learn how to do all this "computer stuff" eventually.