Saturday, February 25, 2012

Six Things to Remember for Lent

Last year in the first weeks of Lent, our priest offered a homily with 6 guidelines for Lent and for life.  I still have the bulletin with my scrawled notes, (which I happened to come across in the many stacks of papers I have been digging myself out from underneath), so I thought I would share his words from last year as a good beginning for this Lent.  This are just bullet points, daily reminders to help us walk through the days of this journey with the goal of coming closer to the fullness of God.  So, what can you do this Lent?

1. Show up.  It is not just "going to church."  We are changed through the liturgical life and Eucharist. During Lent we are offered some of the most beautiful services of the year, don't turn down the opportunity to be present.

2. Contribute something.  Invest in something within the life of the church.  Believe in it.  Make it a part of your life.  Bring something to God.

3. Be nice.  Be kind, courteous to one another.  Everyone is created in the image of God, let the love of God show through you.

4. Get over yourself!  Everything is not about you.  Die to yourself.  Stop thinking in terms of how does this affect me.

5.  Pray.  Go into your closet and pray.

6. Be thankful.  Every breath, heartbeat, moment is a gift from God, thank Him continually.