Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Plans for 2008-2009

I know,I promised I would not post another book list. This is not really a book list, rather an outline of our studies for next year, so I really didn't break my promise :) Today I sat down and really spent some time looking through all of the books I have been considering. I am still struggling with a few decisions, but here is what I think I have settled on.

2nd grader

Christian Studies: Old Testament
Children's Bible Reader (she will read these aloud to me or her little sisters)
Days of Creation Art
various children's lives of the saints books
Let the Little Children Come to Me

Math on the Level - we will be using this as our guide this year, and I plan to continue with Ray's as needed.

English Studies
Yesterday's Classics - First and Second Readers
Explode the Code - book 4
SWR - still debating
The Sentence Family - for fun
Copywork - poems for poetry book

Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt

4th grader

Christian Studies
Golden Children's Bible
Memoria Press Christian Studies I
Forty Saints

Math on the Level - and Singapore if needed

Lively Latin

English Studies
Writing Tales or Classical Writing - still struggling with this one
The Sentence Family

Colonization to the American Revolution - Time Travelers series

Both will be doing:

Geography - North and South America - probably just using maps, living books and encyclopedia

Among the .. series
nature journal

Atelier Art, and CM artist study

piano lessons, and our CM composer study

If I stick with these decisions, then I will not have to do any more purchasing for next year, other than the occasional living book I might add in, and few books to cover our geography lessons. I am still working on a schedule for the year, so when I get my lesson plans worked out, I will post those also. At that point I will be creating my teacher's planner for this year, and will post the sections as I create them for this year.


Erin said...

Thanks! Fun to see your plans. Do you like the Children's Bible Reader? About three times now I've tried to buy it at various bookstores, or planned to get it for the kids as a gift, and something always happens to prevent it (like the order getting messed up, a store being out of stock, I don't have my checkbook, etc.) Sort of strange. I love the illustrations, but I haven't heard anyone say whether they like the text or not.

Anna said...

Erin - I got it because of the text! Some people have issues with the illustrations (Jesus in blond haired & blue-eyed) but that is easy for us to deal with. I like it because it is the closest thing to the poetic language of the King James version. It is good preparation for reading older books with more difficult vocabulary, and it is very fluid and beautiful in my mind. It also is NOT a story book, no theology/doctrinal commentary, just a simple retelling of the Bible (we used Vos story Bible for a while because someone gave it to me,but it was so protestant, and too "story like" for my tastes.) This Bible is usable by any denomination, and I love the text.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

I'm impressed you have your plan together this early! Some of your resources are new to me - I'll have to check them out. We'll be in the middle ages next year and though I like STW history for my elem. age, Sean, my 8th grader, needs a bit more of a challenge for history/lit/writing. Any suggestions?