Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Deer!

Spoiled for life. Here is the crocodile hunter (deer hunter this week :) after his first deer hunt. It reminds me of the first time his Grandpa took him fishing - he was about 4 years old and cast his rod, and caught a fish on his first cast. From then on, the expectations were a bit high~he assumed that you were supposed to get a fish with every cast. Well, here he is, his first afternoon out with Dad deer hunting, and he came home with this! Guess I will be cooking venison in the weeks to come :)


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

props to the croc hunter!

Monica said...

Our favorite meat around here... hormone and antibiotic free and "open range". (smile) Please post some recipes as you try some really good ones.

fdj said...

Huzzah! (3x)

Found your blog via my wife (SusanSophia).

Where are you all from?

I'm jealous! Trade ya some aged goat cheddar for some venison jerky?

Offer the lad a hearty "Well done young man!" from the great Pacific Northwest.