Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Advice

Do you want to reclaim your time? Do you feel that you are pulled in too many directions? I know I constantly battle this issue. I will not claim credit for this advice - I gleaned it from many other wonderful posters. But, since for me preparing for the start of the school year is also a time of renewal and a time of reprioritizing, I thought I would share some of this advice that helps keep me on track.

1. Don't spend excessive amounts of time on appearances. Okay, yes, I like to look nice. But I have also learned how to get ready in under 15 minutes. I have found the quick hairstyles that work for me, the clothes that flatter me, and the make-up I need to feel confident leaving the house. Save the really elaborate stuff for that special night out with your sweetie!

2. Don't answer the telephone. This one is really hard for me. To me, the phone ringing is priority number one. Slowly, I have learned to realize that if I am reading to my kids, the call can wait. If we are about to sit down to dinner, the call can wait. In fact, most of the time, the call can wait. Why do we feel obligated to answer the phone?

3. Don't waste time shopping. I have finally learned to keep lists of my needs, and to fulfill them in the times when I have to drop my kids off for classes. Once a month I get my "day off" (read Mother's Rule of Life!), when I get to shop just for fun and for me. Other than that, I try not to have to run errands.

4. Don't read junk mail, or catalogues. Yes, I know, it is hard to pitch that catalog unopened, but really, how often do you find something you need that is reasonably priced and will work? Not often! So, pitch it and don't waste precious time.

5. Don't join clubs.

6. Just say no. Don't always feel obligated to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Learn to say "let me think about it", then really think about it. Is this something that will truly help us achieve our family goals? I am not saying to be selfish, I do not think our world should revolve around our children - I just mean to really look at the opportunity, and evaluate how it helps you and your family become more Christ-like.

7. Don't waste time complaining about the little things. So often we spend our energy worrying about the silly little things that irritate us. This is a particularly difficult one for me. I must constantly remind myself to not worry about the little details - especially when I have no control over them.

8. Don't waste time on doubt. So many people spend much of their life worrying about the decisions they have made (or are about to make). Pray, think about it, make your decision, then don't look back. We cannot live our lives in the past. We can learn from mistakes, but we must not dwell on what I refer to as "should of, could, of would of".

These are a few of the things I like to remind myself of on a regular basis to keep me from wasting time on the unimportant. Hope they will be help to you too.


Monica said...

I agree - good advice!

Rachael said...

I cannot tell you how much I cherish advice such as this that is solidly based in our faith. You know me, and this is my task at hand - to prioritize and put aside that which doesn't matter - thank you.

Anonymous said...

good advice...good post