Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Theophany 2010

Midnight last night I was ironing these, hoping the temperature was going to warm up for this morning.
We arrived at the river at 10 am. The thermometer read 22 degrees.
We were told the water was "only" 45 degrees, though, so not too bad, right?
As an added incentive, a generous parishioner offered to donate $100 for every kid that went in (and fully submerged himself) to go toward our teens trip to Project Mexico this summer. That at least explains why the teens were willing, not sure what excuse the grown men had for going in :)
sure, he's smiling now, he's still dry!
Father says the prayers for the blessing of the waters

Getting ready to take the plunge!

It doesn't look like it from this, but the water is actually four feet deep behind them, so they could all go under fully to earn their $100 donations!

time to dry off! The little princess is in the red coat, and rather upset that I would not allow her to go in with them this year

2010 Cross Divers


Ashley said...

So, so sad we missed it. Elena woke up with so much junk in her chest that I didn't think it was smart to take her out. Steven will be mad at me for awhile, especially after seeing the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! What an amazing day. Joyous Feast!

Pres. Kathy said...

Great pictures - thanks for sharing!

Monica said...


That's so cool that you're going to Project Mexico. We've learned about them recently and are looking forward to the day Little Builder is old enough to build for the Lord in Mexico!

Michelle M. said...

What great photos! Glorious feast!