Sunday, April 25, 2010

Springtime Sewing

Around my house, spring time means pillowcase dresses.  What better way for a girl to play outside, without sacrificing her girliness!  With 10 acres to roam, a creek which sees a lot of bare feet through the summer, and our newest addition, 25 laying hens, there is a lot to do outside. I am not a fan of the cheesy stuff most stores sell for little girls - so, when I discovered the pillowcase dress, I was hooked.  Now,  every year, I make sure they all have a decent supply of dresses to play in.  They are cool, comfortable, and look nice when I decide to snap a photo of them playing.  Not to mention, dirt cheap!  I have two favorite sources for pillowcases.  If you are looking for pretty cases, perfect for the beach or pictures, or for running around town, then check out the great deals on eb*y.  These cases can cost a bit more, but I rarely pay more than $10 for one, and often if you can score a nice lot, you can get some pretty ones that average $5 each.  My other source, where I purchase cases for playing outside, is TJ M*xx.  Often, I can find a set of 2 cases for $5 - that's $2.50 per dress!  These are fun too, because they are durable, and I can find matching cases so the girls can each have one.  They even make great nightgowns.  If you have never made a pillowcase dress, try it!  My total time, start to finish, is usually under 30 minutes, and if I am doing multiple dresses, often I can complete 3-4 in an hour.  They also make a great gift for a special little girl's birthday, thoughtful, practical, pretty, and affordable!  Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your own pillowcase dress.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously- those pillowcase dresses will be ON MY LIST if we ever have a little girl!!! They are beautiful, but I'll admit part of that has to do with your beautiful daughters!