Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dormition Fast

I have really enjoyed cooking in the past few weeks, with so many garden vegetables pouring in, and a brief break from the fasts, but it is time to look again to another fasting season, the Dormition.  Thankfully, a two week fast seems like nothing after this year's extended Apostles Fast, but each fast comes with its challenges.  One of them this year, our chickens decided to start laying eggs this week :)  Here's to hoping we have some non-Orthodox friends interested in farm fresh eggs for the next two weeks!  Also, I will be spending the first week and a half of the fast attending an intensive training for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, so with 8 hours of training each day and a service nearly every night - cooking time will be short.
Here is a peek at our menu for this season, with recipes to follow.  A word of warning, a few of these recipes I am trying for the first time, so I make no promises on how some of them taste!  I tried to find a few new recipes that would make the most of our overabundance of corn (over 250 ears harvested so far this year :), squash (12 squash casseroles currently sit in the freezer :) and tomatoes (still trying to get those canned)!

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