Monday, November 29, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

holy experience

2. warm cheesy goodness, shared by a good friend, a blessed break during a fast 
3. children who love to spend time with family

4. family around a table, laughing, talking, sharing, loving

5. another new life, a new baby cousin soon to join this family

6. eavesdropping on play time between three year olds 

7. The Great Light, which shone upon this world 2000 years ago, and still shines today


elizabeth said...

beautiful pictures; so glad you had a good celebration...

Matushka Anna said...

What beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

Erin said...

Did you like the pumpkin? We did it before the fast and loved it. But the kids thought it was just OK, so I didn't repeat it for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to though!

Anna said...

Erin - we did like the pumpkin. I used proscuitto instead of bacon, and emmentaler swiss cheese, and lots of sage, and sauted the garlic and onion in bacon grease (leftover from breakfast that morning :) Not sure if the kids ate much of it, and I think it would be really good with a bit of sherry or white wine added, it reminded me of a really yummy cheese fondue. I will definitely make it again - perfect as an appetizer dip for company!