Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year of Less

 Last year I took on the goal of simplifying my life.  In some areas I was successful, in others a complete and utter failure.  It is a long, slow process, but well worth the effort.  The past few months have given me a better handle on the direction in which I should proceed, as well as a more clear plan of action to make it happen.  After reading Ann's challenge to name your year, I feel I want to give this year a goal as well; one that continues with the theme of simplifying, as well as listens to the huge blinking signs God has managed to put in front of me on a daily basis this past Advent.  I christen this the Year of LESS  LESS commitments, LESS spending, LESS consuming, LESS acquiring, LESS chaos, LESS clutter, LESS distraction from what matters. 


It is a hard goal for me.  I am a MORE kind of person.  I like to go all out.  I really LIKE big projects, elaborate parties and garland hung from every banister at Christmas.  While I value the beauty and joy of those things, I think I need a year to experience less.  In doing so, I hope I am able to experience MORE.  

More time with God, MORE awe over His creation,

MORE fun with my children, MORE connecting with my husband, MORE quiet evenings on the porch, MORE books read aloud,
MORE hands in the dirt,

MORE hands in the dough,

MORE contentment with life. 
What will you name your year?


Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Beautiful! I,too am a MORE person. I love how you expressed this, a year of less . . .so I can have MORE! Grace to you.

elizabeth said...

Nice; I am a more person too; not sure what my year is going to be yet but thankfulness will have to be part of the mix! Love to you! blessed new year!

DebD said...

Beautiful ideas... I love the idea of less. It goes so well with simplify. Both of which I need to do this year.

I am happy to put 2010 to bed. It was a hectic year.

Anonymous said...

I hope it to be a year of MORE, too-- more organization, more order, more prayer, more sanity.

Okay, so the last one may be wishful thinking, but I do believe that the first three are key players in sanity. Here's hoping! ;-)

Craig said...

I want to let you know first, that I found you from Ann’s

Your word “less” we all need – so as you point out, we can have more of what counts.

I have prayed for your year of “less” for Our Lord to keep you on target, to help you eliminate what he doesn’t want you spending time on and focusing on what he does.

My word is “connection” – your words connected with me, and I’m grateful for that.

God Bless and Keep you and yours.

Susan Sophia said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing. This is my goal as well. Especially with clutter...I cannot stand it any longer. Seriously! To keep my sanity, it MUST go. The year of Less. I love it!

Anna said...

Craig - thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Anna said...

thanks for all of your comments, I hope to outline in more detail how I plan to go about this process - will try to keep you all updated :)