Sunday, January 9, 2011

Theophany 2011

These are a little late, but wanted to share anyway!  This year was not as cold as last year, the temperature reached 42 degrees outside, but the current was much stronger this year.
Father says prayers of blessing over the waters of the river, recalling the moment at the Jordan River when Christ was revealed as the Son of God.

The brave souls (nine in all) stand at the water's edge, waiting for the moment the cross is thrown into the waters.

Hmm, muddy waters, rapid current, frigid waters, and a metal cross?  The result, frustrated but determined searchers standing in very, very cold water with dazed looks on their faces. 
After 15 minutes of chilly waters, our fearless SOYO youth leader finds the cross!
The crocodile hunter suffered a minor injury, as well as having to chase his crocs downstream.
Father gives a blessing to all the faithful who entered the water this year.
Our blessed cross retriever attempts to assure the curious fisherman we are not all crazy :)


magda said...

The last caption made me laugh out loud. What a great post!

Michelle M. said...

Those are beautiful photos. I loved the last caption as well :)