Monday, February 21, 2011

Joy on Monday Mornings

49. weekend spent with a Saint
50. quiet moonlit night full of clear constellations, time to think on things
51. paper valentine roses in my favorite color
52. prayers of a child, so much more heartfelt than my own
53. bath by candlelight
54. knowing that I am one of His sheep, and He knows my name
55. the sound of my heeled boots clicking down a hall, next to a woman in a wheelchair who will never wear heels again
56. the knowledge that being Martha is equally as important as being Mary


Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s today again.

First – I have a friend who is an Orthodox priest. I’m not orthodox but I do love the continuity and spirituality of the Orthodox faith. Just wanted to say that :)
And of your list this is my favorite is – 54. knowing that I am one of His sheep, and He knows my name – amen for that – we are like them aren’t we – sheep – wandering, getting lost, needing a shepherd – and we do have the best one – whew!)

Reading you today has been a blessing. Thank you.

God watch over you and yours

Anonymous said...

I love your pics Anna! They remind me of my home. Youngest daughter was part of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd about a year ago and I remember the wooden sheep and shepherd that taught such a beautiful lesson.

Beautiful list!!