Friday, June 3, 2011


Last Friday, my computer's hard drive failed.  Crashed.  Dead.  I have a laptop I use occasionally, unfortunately it only allows me to receive email, not send it.  Didn't realize how much of my daily communication is by email!  I am not liking it.  Not to mention all of those files.  All of those pictures.  We are in the process of retrieving the information from it to a new hard drive, and I am hoping nothing important was lost.  Meanwhile, I am also realizing how much I like to use photos when I blog.  No access to photos results in a lack of motivation in blogging.  I am missing my Monday thanks posts, and hope to put one up this coming Monday, with or without photos.  Well, all of that to sort of explain why I haven't posted all week, or replied to you if you have emailed me!  Hoping to get my computer back in working order this weekend.  I have been planning our curriculum for next year, and look forward to sharing our adventures in exploration next year.


elizabeth said...

hope all is recovered! that is hard!!

Anna said...

thanks Elizabeth - it has been crazy, but I am hopeful that most will be recovered