Thursday, June 7, 2012

Favorite New (to me) Patterns

I have just discovered Violette Field Threads.  Not only do they offer beautiful, girly designs and easy to follow patterns - as in step by step photo tutorial style pattern instructions - but they also satisfy the occasional need for instant gratification in sewing with downloadable patterns.  I was a bit skeptical about downloading at first.   All that cutting and taping of larger pattern pieces had me wondering about the hassle.  But, I hate tracing off pattern sizes.  With a downloadable one, no need!  Sure, you have to do a little taping, but give me some cutting and taping any day over clearing a counter and meticulously tracing multiple sizes onto butcher paper or fabric facing.  So, in a bit of a frenzy, I immediately downloaded 3 patterns.  Only after that did I notice the nice little tab at the top labeled discount codes, where if you buy groups of patterns at a time you can get up to 20% off.  Oh well, next time I guess, since there are plenty of other patterns I have my eye on!  Well, it was worth it, so satisfying to print off pages of patterns.  I pieced them together, printed off multiple copies to cut sizes for each girl, and now I am digging out some abandoned fabric stashes that sat hidden in a closet for the past few years.  Will post the completed projects for those of you who enjoy sewing, an Emmaline for the princess (she wore it Sunday), and all those red and turquoise fabrics are destined to become a set of Hazel skirts for all three girls.  After that, who knows!  And if you sew and know of any other "hidden" gems in the pattern world, please leave a link to share.

*I have no affiliation with this company, nor am I receiving anything from them for writing this post!

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