Monday, September 17, 2012

A Fairy Birthday: The invitation

As summer was coming to an end, we celebrated two birthdays in our household, as my two youngest girls turned 8 and 5.  A favorite party theme with my girls is a fairy birthday, and while most birthday parties around here are mainly family and godparents, this party called for a lot of little girls!  So we invited a dozen little friends to join us for an enchanting garden tea party.

 What little girl wouldn't want to open this!  I will be sharing more fun details from this party over the next week or two.

And since an overload of gifts is one reason we avoid big birthday parties with lots of friends, a great way to make both guests and mom happy is to ask for toys or supplies to donate.  The girls receive plenty of gifts from grandparents and godparents, so this year we decided to ask for school supplies for our local rescue mission.


Mat. Anna said...

Good heavens, that's gorgeous!! What talent!!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...


Anonymous said...

Precious on so many levels! Love it and will tuck away this idea for my own little girls :-)