Sunday, February 17, 2013

Downton, Anyone?

The season is nearly over.  I am still upset over Sybill, I don't quite know what I should do with my Free John Bates tote now, and I am not at all sure if I can take whatever horrible tragedy is coming tonight,  according to a friend who has read all the spoilers!  I guess I am officially a Downton addict and it is carrying over into the social life.  For fun this year I hosted a 20's themed wine tasting.  And, scandalous as it may seem, the food was just all laid out on the table and the guests grabbed what the wanted and ate anywhere.
I know, black tie of all things!

Food, wine, friends and glamorous clothing, what more could you ask of in a great evening!
And while I would prefer Lady Mary's look, my hair was a closer match to Lady Edith in style.  (Amazing Tutorial Here)
 Whatever am I going to do with my Sunday evenings now?


Rebeca said...

Ooooh, I love it! So much fun.
We watched the end of the season a few months ago. Brace yourself. :> I got online and read why they did what they did though, and I think they did it for the right reasons.

Michelle M. said...

Oh my goodness! As a huge Downton fan, I love this!!

I have been watching Downton all season with some friends. It has been fun! now we need something else to watch :)

How did you handle the end of the season?

Anna said...

Not at all happy, but I guessed it was him. It had to be him or Mary - and I figured they wouldn't kill two sisters in the same season! I hate it, but I am sure next season will be interesting. I am sad it is over, have so enjoyed watching it, but I do have the DVD's, so I will probably rewatch all three seasons over the next few months!

Michelle M. said...

At least one (or two?) of the seasons is on Netflix as well. It is wonderful! And I am sure I'll be re-watching as well.