Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Amazing Day

5 trips to Memphis in the past 10 months


10 nights in a hotel room with 2 friends


15 days away from husband and kids


56 presentations


120 hours of class time

countless past and future hours of writing album pages, discussing adaptations and 
making materials

1 amazing formation leader who joyfully shared her wisdom and guidance

4 different faith traditions

9 amazing women who shared this journey of spiritual formation

66 (catechesis aged) children (and counting) in our parish who make it all worthwhile

WE DID IT!!!!!  


Margaret said...

Congratulations and thank you!!! God bless you and your family for this commitment! He has blessed so many through this program and you have made and continue to make this possible for our church community! (And thanks for posting the news and the photos!) :) Love, Margie

Anonymous said...


Cristina said...

Congratulations for this commitment! And also may you have an easy pregnancy! I'm due in December with God's mercy, please pray for us. Thank you! Love, Cristina

MA F said...

Anna, you did it!
So much work... your parish is lucky to have you! Now to just get everyone scheduled before the baby comes ;)

MamaBirdEmma said...