Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meet our pigs!

As part of his high school work this year, the crocodile hunter will be earning a credit in animal sciences.  He plans to raise pigs, chickens, sheep and perhaps a steer over the next year.  Currently there is a great debate going on in the house over names - Crocodile Hunter is calling them Bacon and Sausage, the girls dubbed them Pumpkin and Pinkie, and I voted for Charlotte and Wilbur.  
What do you think?


Maria said...

I would keep their end in mind when naming them. Giving cute names to piggies destined for slaughter could make parting more painful in the end. If they are going to live out their lives on the farm like Wilbur, go for it. Otherwise, Bacon and Sausage will remind everyone not to have illusions.

Anna said...

:) good advice Maria! one will definitely end up in the freezer, the other will likely be sold. I will say that over the past year the kids have come to understand the difference between pets and livestock - though for the Queen it was a hard lesson to learn with the chickens. She still prefers to insist that chicken comes from the grocery store, and have nothing to do with the animals on the farm! Since they officially belong to the crocodile hunter, he reserves naming rights, but the girls will probably still insist on their own names.