Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Haircut

I never imagined having a baby's first haircut at 6 months, but we just couldn't last any longer!  His hair was in his eyes, hanging over his ears, and so long in the back we constantly got comments about what a beautiful girl!
So, with Bumbo in hand, and a very brave stylist who managed to follow his bobbling head without any nicks, we set a record in this family for earliest first cut.  (compare that to Dimples, whose hair grows so slowly, she was 5 before she had her first cut!!!!)


Matushka Anna said...

Amazing! All of my babies were more or less bald for the longest time and when they finally grew hair it curled up on the edges in the cutest way (and kept it out of their eyes). I always cried when I had to cut off the boys' curls. :) My second child didn't have a hair cut until she was almost 7 I think. Bless her heart!

elizabeth said...

quite something how each child is so different! love the picture!

Cassie said...

What a smile! :) Boys 1, 2, and 4 all got hair cuts around 9mo. #3 just got his first cut a month ago(21mo)! haha I finally got a bald baby just like me! :)

I cannot wait to see him in person. So precious.

Erin said...

Someone looks just like his oldest sister! (And my 21 month old has only had one haircut, about a month ago. He is our earliest!)