Monday, April 28, 2014

Pascha in the atrium

We had a joint celebration this year, so all of our children ages 3-12 gathered together in our chapel.  Father came and led our celebration, and the children did all of the readings.  It was a beautiful and special time together!
Our chanters came in and chanted as the children entered.  
 Father lighting the Paschal candle.
Processing around the church together.

Listening to the reading of the Gospel.

Singing Christ is Risen!

After our celebration we each returned to our atrium and the children had a short time to work.  One of our girls settled herself in front of the prayer table and spent the rest of her morning drawing the Paschal candle.


elizabeth said...

very nice!

Margaret said...

Such a blessed and special occasion, God be praised! Thank you for posting these photos!

Christ is Risen!

MA F said...

Just lovely are so blessed to have such a warm and peaceful space dedicated for your atrium!