Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jesse Tree: Day 1

I am going to try to document our Jesse Tree readings this year with photos of our ornaments.  Over the years we have participated in several ornament exchanges.  We were also gifted a beautiful bound book of readings.  The set of readings varies from our original ornament sets, so this year I am finally completing our ornaments to match our current readings.  The readings are not straight from the scripture, they are storybook form compiled and written by the queen's godfather (who I hope will consider publishing them at some point!).  But, I can share the scripture basis for each.

Our first reading:  A Shoot from the Stump of Jesse

Today we consider the beginning of this journey through the Nativity Fast, the time of preparation for the birth of our Lord, the Great Light that was long awaited by the Israelites.  We look to the promise that God revealed to His people.  The scripture reading is Isaiah 11.  We contemplate the root of Jesse, the flower that will spring from it, and wonder what/who that might be?

Our ornament is a twig from the yard with a bit of greenery and silk flower hot glued on.


mandysexton said...

Anna...are you on Facebook? A friend of mine started a Nativity group that I would like to invite you to. It is for American converts trying to celebrate Nativity with the church...learning and sharing. Your experience and input would be great.

MA F said...

Oh what a lovely gift to receive from a Godparent..we will enjoy seeing your pictures.
Wishing a restful and prayerful fast!

elizabeth said...

how lovely!

the " We were also gifted a beautiful bound book of readings."

is this published or hand made? if published, would love to know the title.

Anna said...

Amanda - thanks for the invite, but no, I am not on Facebook. Sounds like a great group.

Elizabeth - I am working on getting him to publish it. He is talking about putting it on Lulu or something like that.

Unknown said...

I really love what you are doing. That is awesome that you have such special book to choose your readings from.

After my son was born on the first Sunday of Advent my husband and I actually wrote an Advent book together, Bible Characters for Advent, because we knew we wanted Advent to be a special time a year for our family.

I am excited to be starting our Jesse Tree family tradition. We just finished making our ornaments!! I can't wait to see all your ornaments. We took pics and posted all our ornaments at once... I couldn't wait to share them, but I love how you'll be sharing them over time :)