Monday, July 28, 2008

NOT an apology (see BWO in sidebar)

I have not posted in a while for several reasons. One, if you don't have anything good to post, don't post anything at all! Not that things aren't good around here, but it has been chaotic, and that combined with me being sick with a nasty cold/allergy thing, I have not been very productive . Second, my internet has been spotty over the past week or so, which has been a huge frustration. It makes me realize how much I rely on the internet for little things - like earlier today, the kids brought in a bucket full of green apples they picked from the yard, and wanted me to cook them for dessert tonight. My first thought was, oh, I'll just go*gle a recipe for an apple strudel. Oops, can't, internet's NOT working. I have to actually get out a cookbook and look it up, or call mom and get her ideas. Last night I was trying to make plans for vacation - we are heading to the beach in a week with my husband's family (10 children under the age of 9 all in one condo :), not to mention the adults. I thought I would look up local photographers to see about having some pictures done on the beach - oops, can't, internet's NOT working. When did "go*gle" become a verb? And when did I become so dependent on the ability to instantly get what I need (want)? I love internet access, and have quickly come to rely on it for everything from recipes and party ideas to directions to get anywhere. It shows the generational divide too, I think. My mother (who has a master's in physics) couldn't go*gle if her life depended on it. The idea of finding something out by looking online is completely foreign to her. It makes me stop and wonder, when will my kids pass me up in the technology march?

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Anonymous said...

So I'm just searching around your blog and this made me laugh. I, too, have to remind myself of the stack of cookbooks when I want to make something. How funny. And thanks for the laugh, I REALLY needed it tonight!!! ~Cassie H