Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009-2010 Plans for 3rd Grade

I am having a hard time grasping that the little princess could be in 3rd grade already! A rough outline of what she will be studying is below.

Orthodox Studies:
Old Testament history - this will fall under our history portfolio and ancient history studies
Lives of the Saints

Ray's exercises
Strayer/Upton Book 1
Math on the Level

the focus of this year will be multiplication and division

English Studies:
SWR spelling
copywork from lives of the saints
Lively Language Lessons for grammar instruction
progym - I don't think she is ready to start CW Aesop, so I was excited to see that Classical Writing has developed a primer. I think we are going to try that out and see how it goes. It may be overkill, or it may allow us to drop other things, I am going to order it so I can get a better feel for whether it will be the right thing for us this year.

Tanglewood Tales

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt - using the plans a created last year but put on hold - I will post these in the next week or so
D'Aulaires Greek Myths
Ancient History Portfolio Junior

We are going to focus on Africa and the Middle East this year, using ideas from Serendipity.

Apologia Botany

And again, she will continue pursuing piano lessons, gymnastics, and CM style composer and artist studies. In looking back over our plans, I am excited to say that I have no big purchases to make this year! I already have all of the core books we will be using, a large selection of supplemental reading for both science and history, and much of Kindergarten will be home created items. I know there will be fun books along the way I will want to buy, but it is good to know that most of my curriculum is already sitting on my shelf, and the school budget can be used for extra-curricular activities and "fun stuff".

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Mindy said...

Hey there! This is Mindy (Hyatt) Spradlin. I'm seriously considering homeschooling Ellie in the fall. SHe will be in 1st grade. I was wondering what you thought about Math on the Level. I ran across it at the curriculum fair, and was really impressed with it. It just seems a bit abstract and was wondering if it works well on a practical level. I'd love to hear your opinion on it and another other homeschool curriculum ideas you might have. Thanks!