Monday, May 11, 2009

2009-2010 Plans for Kindergarten

Part of me feels terribly behind, as I am only just now beginning to think about the next school year. Another part of me feels guilty spending time planning for next year when there is so much left to complete this year! But, planning for the next school year invigorates me, it encourages me to press on when the spring begins to drag, it gives me a focus, something to strive towards. I am especially excited/terrified that I will be adding a student this year - the Queen will begin Kindergarten this fall, and while I am really looking forward to teaching Kindergarten again - I am definitely nervous about having three to homeschool (I know, I know, all you mom's with 6 + kids are laughing at me now :). So, I am going to post a basic outline of my tentative plans for Kindergarten next year, recognizing that usually means everything will completely change several times before the fall! As usual, much of my planning comes from Latin Centered Curriculum, with a little CM and Waldorf thrown in for good measure. I will post plans for the other two over the next week.

Orthodox Studies:
Garden of Theotokos - I am planning to use the book of creation, the 12 days of Christmas and the Lent to Pentecost units from this program with her
various Lives of the Saints story books
Children's Bible Reader - OT stories

I am creating a set of Orthodox phonics cards and copywork to use with her (see side bar for link to phonics cards)

We will focus on Aesop's Fables, Mother Goose Rhymes, Nursery Tales, and Charlotte's Web. I plan to do lots of reading aloud, and hopefully gradually begin doing narrations.

We will create a book of numbers Waldorf style, review basic shapes, and will introduce addition and subtraction using Math on the Level ideas and Waldorf story telling as she is ready

the older ones will be doing botany, so I am planning to use the Flower Fairy Alphabet with her, to correlate with our phonics studies, along with some fun read aloud units corresponding to the seasons


Sunshine Eyes said...

Um, wow! Really? So I know I'm reading this 10 months later but now I have to know how the year is going so far! But I must say I'm impressed by your goals - I'm sure I couldn't do subtraction in kindergarten! Well done, you!

Has said...

Hi, thank you for your blog! I'm wondering whether you might be able to offer a short review of the book you have listed down on the right hand side of your blog, "Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum".
Selena, Australia