Monday, September 14, 2009

Fairy Celebration

I won't say we are completely recovered from the fairy fete this weekend (I am not sure I will ever get ALL of the glitter off my floors :) but it was certainly a birthday to remember for my little fairy queen! Fairy foods included cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad croissants, lemon curd tarts topped with raspberries, and yummy, sparkly fairy punch.
The easiest decorations for a fairy table: plant wheat grass a week or two before the party - in baskets, trays, even tea cups!
Here is the fairy bower, awaiting the arrival of all the sweet little fairy princesses.

First came a dusting of fairy glitter, followed by lots of fun with bubbles, silks and fairy wings. Then it was time to eat!

A plate fit for a fairy meal.

A local artist I found at an event this summer came and painted big beautiful butterflies on each little fairy's arm. Here is the queen getting her wings.

And of course, a sweet sugar fairy, sleeping on a chocolate tree stump to end this event.

I think she had fun :)


DebD said...

so beautiful. What a great idea to hire an artist to do butterfly paintings.

Gae said...

Oh, this is so beautiful. How special it must ahve been for you all.

Christine said...

What a wonderful Fairy Birthday party! You did such a great job - lucky little girl!