Thursday, September 17, 2009

N is for Nicholas

(this will be added to weekly - the newest pages are at the end)

What we will be reading:
Lesson Plans for Week 3
Monday - introduce letter with flashcard, read story of the saint, take narration and color icon
Tuesday - practice making the sound and thinking of things that start with that sound, read Bakers Dozen and make cookies, explore letter bag, begin blending the three sounds we have learned
Wednesday - practice shape of letter using play-doh and textured tracing cards
Thursday - color flower fairy alphabet, practice sounding out words from reader page
Friday - Copywork pages - "N" and first words page
I love how things tie together even when we don't plan the connections! We have been reading A Child's Geography: Holy Land over the past few weeks and have been studying Turkey, so it is fun to be able to make the connection that St. Nicholas was born in Turkey.

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GretchenJoanna said...

I think I would like to enroll in your school!
Seriously, it makes me nostalgic for our homeschooling days. Everything IS so connected, it makes for wonderful fun--but probably the teacher gets the most joy out of that aspect. Thank you for sharing!