Monday, December 21, 2009

52 Books

Well, unless I do nothing but read for the next two weeks, I won't quite make the 52 book mark, but wow, I am feeling like I far from failed! I used to read constantly, several books a week. In the past 5 years that has changed so much that I doubt I have even read 52 books in 5 years. So, while I don't expect to hit the mark, having a goal was very motivating - and while I would not recommend all of the books I read this year (a few were rather disappointing), I gained so much from a number of them. My top picks for the year have to be: for some serious reading - Genesis, Creation and Early Man (Fr. Seraphim Rose has such a way of writing that is so simple and straightforward, considering the many heavy topics he wrote on during his life time!). For fun reading: Hitchhiker's Guide - now, I have read these before, back in highschool, but they were so much more fun to read this time around. Warning: I have a twisted sense of humor - groomed by my father who raised me on a steady diet of British humor and sci fi (Dr. Who, Monty Python, Keeping Up Appearances, Fawlty Towers), so take that into consideration in my recommendation. For parents - I loved Better Late Than Early and Weapons of Mass Instruction, and finally, for personal improvement - Seven Habits. So, those were some of my favorites, I would love to hear what your favorite read of the year has been.


Alicia said...

Christ is Born!!

Better Late Than Early was what I based my education philosophy for my boys. It has served them well.

We used to watch Keeping up Appearances when we had t.v. I really identify with the sister who would serve Mrs. Bucket in a mug. That says a lot about me eh? Well, Robert isn't quite like her hubby. He may like a good beer once in a while, but he doesn't wear wife beaters and make me go get him a beer or anything ;-) LOL

DebD said...

I have never read anything by Fr. Seraphim R., perhaps this would be a good one to start with.

We've brought out kids up on a steady diet of Brit comedy too.