Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Blessings

164. protection from deadly storms, praying for those who have lost so much
165. abundance of rain, things growing greener every day

166. 16 quarts of just picked berries, early harvest from a local farm, sweet and delicious

167. popping sound of canned strawberry jam as the lids seal
168. homemade strawberry ice cream!
169. celebrating Pascha in the atrium
 170. newest little member of the family being brought into the faith

171. sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket bearing the name of her saint
172. the sacrament of baptism


Matushka Anna said...

I always love to see babies wrapped in blankets I've made. It's only crocheted wool before it finds a baby. After that, it really is a blessing.

elizabeth said...

beautiful! Many years to the newly baptized!

Michelle M. said...

What lovely photos! Many years to that precious little one.