Friday, October 7, 2011

"True hospitality is sharing your life . . . with those outside the family circle. False hospitality is trying to re-vamp your life with camouflage and pretense so that it will fool a guest into thinking your life more elegant and more picturesque than it really is."
         --Irene Parrott, Friday to Monday (1941)

ht to Pleasantview Schoolhouse for this quote, a good reminder of this, and here's to hoping to share some true hospitality soon!


Unknown said...

I like this quote- a good reminder that life doesn't have to appear perfect just for me to invite people to be a part of it. ;-) Particularly important in this phase of my life, as nothing looks (or is!) perfect!

Suey said...

I really like this quote- I hosted a function for church members last night in my home, and didn't quite get all the school things and office things picked up to my liking and was feeling guilty about it. However, it is a part of our lives-and what is there to be ashamed of in having our daily tools in view? Thanks. :)