Monday, March 19, 2012

Payoff for a Hard Summer's Work in the Kitchen

Bean Catsup.  Or rather, more properly, "Mawmaw's Bean Catsup."  A recipe a good friend shared with me last summer, one that has been around in her family for generations.  Little did I know when they sent over a jar last year for us to try that I would be introduced to the greatest Lenten condiment ever!  Once I realized just what a gem this recipe was, I stocked the pantry.  Seriously, as in 20 jars.  Enough to get us through the Fast, with leftovers to share with friends.  Now, I realize the timing of this post is terrible.  And I strongly urge you not to attempt to can any tomatoes that are currently on the market.  Ugghh, flavorless, colorless Frankensteins, grown in some greenhouse or hydroponic whatever, don't waste your time (more on that later).   But, should you be looking for a project for a hot summer afternoon, file this one away, and I promise, you and your kids will thank me (or rather, Mawmaw) next Lent.  We like to serve it over white beans or pinto beans, but I am sure there are many other ways to use it.  And while I consider this more of a relish than a ketchup, who am I to argue with generations of brilliance?  To quote Angie who passed this recipe along, "it's 'catsup', and that's how the old folks spelled it!"

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