Monday, August 13, 2012

Thanks for watching over my little girl

There are moments when we are offered the chance to grow, to learn.  I admit, I don't often react well to those situations.  Iron sharpens iron, and I am definitely iron.  I need hard situations to teach me.  I am not a naturally flexible person.  I struggle to learn how to "go with the flow."  This summer's family reunion vacation offered the opportunity to learn to let go and leave it all in God's hands.  And it also provided many moments for thanksgiving.

273. Four generations of family gathering to give thanks for 2 parents, their 13 children, 35 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren

274. my children getting the chance to get to know not just their grandparents, but to have a relationship with 3 great-grandparents

275. four excited children racing bikes through a state park

276. bike helmets - though perhaps we should move to hockey masks in the future!

277. late dinner of pizza in the ER in a strange town a days drive from home

278. my strong little girl, so brave for hours in the ER with cuts, bruises, a split chin and (as we learned the next day) a broken jaw

279. vacation plans that go with the flow

280. the persistence of my husband, unwilling to accept anything less than the right care for his little girl

281.  the loving concern of a godfather, surgeon himself but too far away to be of help, calling constantly to keep up with his little "queen"

282. the kindness of strangers

283. steady hands of a surgeon guided by God, who carefully closed up a cut so deep that 23 stitches going three layers deep were required

284.  a surgeon's wife who held my little girls hand through it all

285. the prayers of so many family members

286. above all, I say thank you to the Lord.  For helping us find a man in a strange city who opened up his home at 10:30 at night to sew up my baby when no one else was ready to help.


Margaret said...

Thanks be to God!!!

Matushka Anna said...

Bless her heart - what an ordeal! ((Hugs to you, mama, for the pain that you went through too.))

Rebeca said...

So glad you were in a good place and received the care she needed. Hope the healing is quick.

monica said...

We just came through a difficult time involving hospitals and surgeons. I am thankful beyond words for their kindness and competence. Truly a gift of mercy.

vicki said...

Do you know about calendula gel? We discovered this with my son when he had stitches in his ch in. His dr was so amazed by how little scarring he had and how quickly it healed...we use it for all our cuts and scratched now! Sorry your trip was soo eventful :( Prayers for a speedy recovery!

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy! what a trying ordeal; thanking God for His mercy in it...

It's Algood said...

So thankful the Lord's queen is okay. I hope she is mending. We were traveling and I was unaware. Prayers are being offered in thanksgiving for her safety and the care she received and for her continued healing!