Monday, October 1, 2012

Fairy Party: The Frocks

Every fairy needs a frock, so with a bit of coordinating with the moms of our guests, we matched skirts, wings and fairy crowns with leotards or shirts the girls already owned.  Once the colors for each girl were known (and waist measurements), we went to work creating skirts fit for a fairy queen.  First, yards and yards of tulle!  For several months I collected tulle on sale (best deal - H*bby Lobby at 77 cents a yard!).  Pink, purple, blue, brown, green, yellow, red, black, plain tulle, shimmery tulle, glittery tulle, tulle in every color imaginable. Needless to say, we did not stick to a pastel color scheme, but rather represented the colors of an abundant garden, overflowing with flowers of all seasons!

I have tried several different techniques in the past for creating fairy skirts.  One year my sister-in-law and I used a length of ribbon for the waistband, cut 14 inch squares of sheer fabric and tied one corner of each square to the ribbon.  One year I found inexpensive fairy skirts from Orient*l Trading.  This year, I found a simple pattern from Lazy Mama Designs, and I think these skirts are the best ones so far!

They were incredibly easy to make; in fact, I can't take credit for making more than a couple of them.  Dimples godmother offered to help, so she got started and cranked out the first 4-5 skirts one afternoon.  Once the elastic waistband is sewn, the rest of this project is stitch free!  

Then, as time ran short, I put the Little Princess to work, and she worked for two days straight, making the rest of the skirts!

I also had a few skirts leftover from the last fairy party, which consisted of a length of tulle folded in half and a waist band stitched into it, with ribbon threaded through the waist, and flowers and small bells placed into the folded skirt.

Upon arrival, each fairy guest located her garments and quickly dressed for the evening.  Tags were inspired by this lovely fairy party.  Each girls name was printed on their tag (names shopped out to protect privacy :)

Soon our woods were full of colorful fairies, running, jumping, swinging and playing!
After seeing all their lovely skirts - I want one too!  Might make that a project for the next fairy party.

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Matushka Anna said...

What a lovely job you all did! I'm sure they had a wonderful time. (: