Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

"O Lord our God, who hast established all seasons and times by Thine own authority, who art unoriginate and unending, who conceivest existing things beyond all time, who art Thyself without change or alteration yet art the fullness of times which have been, which are, and which are yet to be, who, with indescribable longsuffering, dost vouchsafe us to come to this new year:

Do Thou Thyself, O all-good Master, bless the beginning thereof by Thy divine grace. Grant gentle showers unto fruitfulness of the earth. Send healthful and seasonable weather for man and beast. Grant us to begin the new year in steadfast peace and harmony, crowned with the glory of earthly good things and, by the light of Thy commandments, to pass the days graciously with a seemly disposition, leading a virtuous life.

Preserve well our holy Church. Strengthen and confirm our nation by the might of Thy hand. Raise the infants, guide the young, support the aged, collect the scattered and unite them to Thy holy Church. May Thy kingdom come upon us, the kingdom of all the ages, the kingdom of goodness, righteousness, and peace."

- From The Doxology on the First Day of the New Year, offered at the Divine Liturgy on the morning of January 1.

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Michelle M. said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!