Friday, January 4, 2013

Our St. Lucia Tea

I already shared with you how last year our priest celebrated Divine Liturgy on December 13th and we had a small tea at church in honor of St. Lucia.  This year we did not have a liturgy, so a friend and I planned an intimate celebration at home for a handful of girls who celebrate Lucia as their patron, as well as a few who don't!

The lussekatter were made from a basic fasting bread dough recipe formed into the traditional shape and dotted with dried fruits.
 One of our Lucia's plays the Santa Lucia song on the piano
 Tea and fine china, always a fun way to make little girls feel special!
 The sweet Lucia doll can be found here, and the candle rings are here.
The girls enjoying a reading of Lucia, Saint of Light
It was lovely last year to celebrate in church, but I confess that this intimate little celebration at home had such a pleasant, relaxed feel to it that I think was a nice change of pace.


Maria said...

You are so good about organizing these celebrations!!

Erin said...

I am normally so delighted with my busy life of crossbows and swords and soccer and camping and puzzles and violins. But, every once and a while, when you post something like this, I wish just a little that God had given me a daughter! Such pretty photos!

Michelle M. said...

That is lovely! You always do such a beautiful job.