Monday, October 5, 2009

Cupcake Heaven

For the birthday girl - a cupcake dress made from a target t-shirt, some dreamy cupcake fabric, leftover corduroy and polka dot scraps from the stash make for a sweet applique - don't forget the cherry button on top!

Great deal on flowers - got a free bunch of pink flowers with purchase of the special pink M&M's to support breast cancer research. Following the inspiration of the queen of milk glass, I pulled out all the white dishes, milk glass vases and bowls for a pink and white sugar fest.

chocolate on chocolate, raspberry buttercream on chocolate, cream cheese on banana cake, raspberry buttercream on lemon cake, and my personal favorite, cream cheese on ginger spice cake (for the best buttercream recipe in the world, check out this book a staple for any cake decorator- her recipe for raspberry buttercream with have you eating it straight up like ice cream - I say that from experience)
In searching for fun cupcake ideas - I found instructions for making these "cupcake pops", are they not the cutest little things you ever saw! They were immensely popular with the sweet tooth crowd :)
And to send the guests home with a little treat - a goody bag using these instructions, filled with cake mix, sprinkles, icing, cupcake liners, and awesome hot pink spatulas for the little chefs.
Mmmmmm, too sweet!


Christine said...

WOW, what great work on all the sweets! A wonderful theme for a birthday party! Many Years!

DebD said...

wow, that all looks so beautiful. Happy Birthday to your little one.

GretchenJoanna said...

SO girly and darling--the cakes and the dress. Today we passed a place called "Sift" with the words "Cupcakery" below. Like your house.

Erin said...

Ok, so I have a question about the cute cupcake paper cups. I noticed that you have the same problem I have. I buy these cute wrappers, then I cook in them and the grease from the batter soaks in and the whole design is lost (especially with choclate cake)! Does this drive you crazy, too? Or maybe you're more laid back about it than I am. Lately, I've been baking the cupcakes in plain (or foil) liners, and then just placing them in the cute liners after they are baked so that the design will show. I just don't understand why they make them that way if when you bake in them you can't see the pattern.

Anna said...

you are too funny Erin - yes, it drives me crazy, and no I don't know of a solution :) I like the idea of adding the cute liners later, have not thought of that. I guess in the scheme of things, with the chaos that was the party, I did not really let it bother me this time (I was making those crazy cupcake pops at 6 am Sunday morning before liturgy since her party was immediately after church, and I ran out of time on Saturday!) Good to know I'm not the only one who worries about those details :) though I am trying to learn to let some of them go!