Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cycles of Grace: New Year to the Nativity Fast

After posting the Nativity binder, I decided I really should go ahead and finish up what I could on the New Year binder. At any rate, this binder is not as well stocked as some of my other ones - partly because there are fewer celebrations that require me to plan.
This binder contains all of my materials for the period from September 1 and the start of the church year through November 14.
It contains icon line drawings for coloring, handouts and paper icons,

sheet music printed from here
and the back pocket contains the Teaching Pics for this season.
An Overview of the Contents
Christmas Gift List
Christmas Card List
Checklist for Christmas
Grocery List for Nativity Fast
Simeon the Stylite
Moses the Prophet
Miracle of Colassai
Nativity of Theotokos
Elevation of the Cross
St. Sergius
St. Artemios
St. Raphael
Synaxis of the Angels
St. Philip - patron of our Metropolitan
Again, this is not everything in the notebook, just the main tab labels.


Anonymous said...

After the baby was born I fell out of the habit of working on my notebooks. My Pentecost notebook will have to wait until next year, but like you, I think I need to back track and go ahead and complete this notebook while we're still within the season and the resources are fresh on my mind. I actually planned to do that today, so it was nice to see what you had done. My last tab is "Preparing to Prepare" and is filled with all the lists of things to do before the Nativity Fast begins. I usually do this in my head, without committing it to paper. I'm thankful for your Preparing for Little Lent post. It helped me get more organized on page. I'm going to post on it as well next week.

DebD said...

Thanks so much for this. I need all the encouragement and assistance I can get. It is so easy to fall into the habit of doing nothing.