Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rules for Dressing as a Saint

For those of you who participate in some form of dressing up as a saint celebration instead of a Halloween celebration - you will find this list hysterical! I ran across it and could not stop laughing, so I am copying the "rules" here, along with a link to the original site.

Repentant sinners, such as harlots of the desert, will be represented only in their repentant state.
No harlot costumes.
St. Mary of Egypt will be completely covered by St. Zossimas' cloak, and the young lady depicting her will be fully clothed underneath it.
Flesh-colored body stockings are NOT acceptable.
St. Lazarus should be able to get in and out of his mummy costume without assistance from the teachers.
Martyrs should be depicted for their holy deaths, and not for the shock value of their wounds.
No more than three fake gory wounds per martyr.
No flayed-alive martyrs.
St. Nicholas should not wear a Santa Claus suit.
St. John Chrysostom did not have gold-capped teeth.
St. John the Forerunner must be depicted live, and not as a severed head on a tray.
All weapons must be fake and harmless, including swords.
No live horses.

(I especially love the bits about Santa Claus and the specific numbering of wounds permitted!)


Ashley said...

Once Matushka Jodi Matthews told me that she had to dress up as a biblical character for a party at her church as a teenager. She was feeling "rebellious", so she dressed up as the buring bush! Flaming red hair and all!

Anonymous said...

I love the rule about the gold-capped teeth. I can definitely see someone trying to capture the essence of "golden mouthed" in this way. LOL!

Michelle M. said...

That is a great list. Thanks for sharing :)

Linda said...

Love it! A few years ago, my son had a fall and produced a terrible black and yellow bruise to his head. That year, with part of his 'comstume' complete, he just HAD to be St Tarcisus!