Saturday, March 20, 2010

After all, what could be more mystical or magical than ordinary daylight coming in through an
ordinary window? Why should not that wonderful white fire breaking through the window, inspire us every day like an ever-returning miracle? .... And the more I thought of it, the more I thought that there was the hint of some strange answer in the very fact that I had to ask the question. I had not lost, and I have never lost, the conviction that such primal things are mysterious and amazing. Why did anybody have to remind us that they were amazing. Why was there... a sort of daily fight to appreciate the daylight; to which we had to summon all the imagination and poetry and labour of the arts to aid us? If the first imaginative instinct was right, it seemed clearer and clearer that something else was wrong. And as I indignantly denied that there was anything wrong with the window, I eventually concluded that there was something wrong with me."

GK Chesterton The Common Man (242-43)


Anonymous said...

Take the scales from my eyes.

Christine said...

Hi anna,
What are the main differences between Roman Catholic and Orthodox?
would love to hear!
I love the Art of the Orthodox church. Where can i find some for my home??

all good wishes,