Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Five: St. Brendan the Navigator

Our final day we joined St. Brendan as he crossed the icy waters of the Atlantic, just missing that iceberg to port!
....... but probably NOT possible in our cardboard one!
We painted our vision of Brendan's journey in watercolors.....
......enjoyed cocoa crispy treat boats.....

....and went on a scavenger hunt to locate all the things Brendan saw on his voyage, feathers from the Paradise of Birds, "ice" crystals from the Pillar of Crystal, wool from the Isle of Sheep, and lava rocks from the Island of the Smiths.

I don't know about you all, but it has been a long exhausting trip for us, and we are glad to arrive safely in "Tirnanog" (and unlike Brendan, we get to stay :), and we are so glad you came along! 
Hopefully plans will be posted in the next week or so, for any of you who wish to share our journey with your children.  Until then, we say farewell to our Celtic saints who have taught us so much.


Alicia said...

My children and I have enjoyed every single one of the days you have shared with us. I am sharing your blog with other members of our church community here in New Zealand. We are in the middle of winter but looking forward to summer vacation in December! I contacted Mr.McGroovy's to see how we could get some of those rivets and will be checking with our local hardware store for boxes.
We have ordered most of the books to match your days in order to Letters of Grace. Looking forward to any plans you care to share for the summer. Did you find Mr.McGroovy's plan easy to follow? I have a resident Lego Technich fanatic so I will have help if need be.

OT: We got the machine fixed and are going to finish a number of projects including the pillowcase dresses we bought and cut. Pictures to follow.

Alicia in New Zealand

the striped rose said...

I am looking forward to your shared plans. The pictures have been so inspiring!