Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Two: St. Brigid

Back after another day of high Celtic spirit!  Today was full of fun for St. Brigid
Jane Meyer's book is not to be missed for those wanting to read about St. Brigid.
Here is St. Brigid, sharing her pantry with all.  The kids especially loved the part where she gave away her father's sword!   After learning all about St. Brigid, the kids took turns shaking jars full of whipping cream to make butter...

......then they all put their hands to making yummy Irish soda bread.
Don't they look tasty?  I promise, they are!
And finally, for a bit of outdoor fun - they played with parachutes, kindly loaned from the local school and gymnastics facilities.  They all had fun watching the parachutes stretch out across the ground, just like St. Brigid's cloak!

Next stop..... Sts. Kevin & Ciaran!


Anonymous said...

I love the parachute idea to go along with spreading St. Brigid's cloak--such a clever idea!

Michelle M. said...

That looks like so much fun! Can I go? :) The three local Orthodox churches in our area did a VCS together. The theme was My Orthodox Family. It was very nicely done.