Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3rd Annual St. Emmelia Homeschooling Conference

If you are thinking about going, but can't quite make up your mind - COME JOIN US!  There will be some wonderful speakers including Barbara Shukin of the History Portfolio series,  Fr. Andrew Damick, Fr. Noah Bushelli, and if you have not heard Andrew Kern speak (or if you have, then you will know what I mean), the trip is worth it just for that!
Check out the topics for yourself and know that this is a truly affordable conference, where else can you get a weekend of fabulous fasting meals for only $86!  I hope you will consider joining us for a weekend of fun activities for the kids, learning, and encouragement from other Orthodox homeschool families. 


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Sounds like it will be informative and refreshing. I noticed an interesting speaker on the Liturgical Year. I'd like to hear that one. I think she has some good ideas. ;)
Hope you have a blessed time!

DebD said...

My homeschooling days will be coming to a close in 2 months. However, it would have been nice to come to the conference, if only to meet so many people I've known through the internet.

I hope it will be a refreshing and inspiring weekend for all.