Thursday, November 24, 2011

Counting Blessings while awaiting the coming of the Great Light

Autumn thanksgiving is about light, because there is something beyond incredible about the light this time of year.

225. the warm golden light that fills my kitchen each early autumn morning, making it a joy to come in and make breakfast

226.  the glow of a single golden leaf, fallen on the skylight above the bath tub, it radiated light
227. the light of home, the coppery golden hues of the church dome rising tall above the turning leaves

228. light reflecting onto the holy waters of baptism, as friends await their turn to literally be immersed into the light of the image of Christ in his mothers arms
229. lampadas swinging in their little alcoves, lighting the way to the divine edible Light offered each Sunday
230. soft flickering light of 30 little candles, young virgins all gathering to walk with His most Holy Mother as She, the true Holy of Holies is brought into the temple.

231. The soft light of the sun, working its way through the dark mist on this Thanksgiving morning. 
We too are a people who walk in darkness, a darkness that is this culture, which holds up all which is dark and consuming, telling us we can only be happy by consuming more, until it all consumes us.  May we all walk this season awaiting the coming of the Light, and never forget that the rest is just a distraction. 


DebD said...

beautiful, very beautiful. Thank you for this.

Patricia said...

Thank you for such a beautiful posting. We can indeed get consumed by our culture. I am writing some prayer notes for the beginning of Advent (Catholic) and I am asking permission to use the notes on the last photograph on this posting because it says so beautifully what this season is all about. I have only recently found your blog and have already been blessed. May God continue to bless you.

Michelle M. said...

Such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Disciple - thank you for your kind words - and you are welcome to use the words in the post

Nancy Ann said...

Beautiful and beautiful pictures.