Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome Home

We added to the family on Friday night - here are pictures of my newest little god-daughter

She and I will share a patron saint (can you see the icon of Anna behind us?)
She was baptized and chrismated along with her two big sisters and mother.  (Dad was chrismated long ago, and has found his way back and brought his beautiful family home with him.)

A celebration fitting for the season, shrimp and rice, crab ravigote, stuffed mushrooms, hummus and vegetables, fruit and punch, decorations all in the colors of the beautiful season of the Nativity Fast.


elizabeth said...

Many Years!

DebD said...

Many years to the newly illumined

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cake and saints! Emmelia is my daughter's patron and St. Anna is a favorite of mine.

Congratulations on your newest godbaby and Many Years to the little one!