Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Chicks for St. Patrick's Day

Too cute to eat?  Maybe right now, but in about 14 weeks, the freezer will be full.  This is our first foray into meat birds.  The egg laying flock is currently at about 45 hens, and we added a handful of Ameraucana hens to that number this week as well (can't wait to see those first blue and green eggs!).  As for most of these little guys, they are Delaware males destined for a short but meaningful life, then into the pot pie they go. 


Margaret said...

Your comments remind me that my grandparents raised chickens before I came along. My grandmother would always buy chicken at the store and cook it perfectly (fried of course!) but she wouldn't eat any herself. Every once in awhile she would eat a bite of KFC if someone brought it over. She plucked and cleaned and chopped enough chickens in her life and I think it impacted her enjoyment of eating the bird. Notice it didn't stop her from cooking it wonderfully for her family :)
Thanks for the recipe!

Margaret said...

Of course I meant that by the time I came along they had ceased to keep chickens and she bought meat at the store. (It is too late for me to be writing!)