Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Orthodox Mothers

Mary and I set up a Webring account called Orthodox Mothers in the hope of finding a way for us to better connect and encourage one another. You can find the navigation bar for the Orthodox Mothers webring on the upper right sidebar of evlogia and St. Theophan Academy. Click join to add your blog to the community. After approval you will receive an email with a code to paste on your blog. At that point you will be a member of the ring and we will be able to navigate easily from one Orthodox mother's blog to the next. Kind of like going door to door in a virtual sort of way. And by the way, this webring is for all Orthodox mothers who blog. So whether you are expecting your first child or your first grandchild, please join us as we share together the beautiful Life that is our Faith.


DebD said...

This is such a wonderful idea. I think I finally got mine to work.

Michelle M. said...

Thanks for doing this ladies. it is a great idea.