Saturday, July 16, 2011

Busy Week

It's been a busy week around here - today was the 11th day of training for Catechesis this summer, with 3 more to go next week.  Wednesday means certification! 

Today was a materials making day - our intrepid group spent the morning building the walls of Jerusalem, using the above as our model, we set to work figuring out how to recreate it!

I am pretty sure when we signed on, none of us realized it was going to mean an education in woodworking!  Here are two catechists who are now quite proficient with a mitre saw.  Next up, learning how to use a scroll saw!

It's beginning to come together -  

And our amazing formation leaders spent the day painting puzzles pieces and Good Shepherd materials for us.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful. I love your work!

monica said...

hi, i stumbled onto your blog and am looking forward to finding inspiration for my life as an orthodox mother. i have added you to my blogroll at

Marcia said...

congrats on finishing up your training. What a blessing!