Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday the Fourth Gifts

196. my grandfather, who served in England in World War II, where he met my grandmother
197. my father, who wanted to enlist during Vietnam, but was turned away for a bad knee
198. my father-in-law, who served in the Army
199. my brother-in-law, two tours in Iraq and still serving
200. a friend's son, who enlisted on 9/12, and now flies black hawk helicopters in Afghanistan
201. the countless mothers who have watched their children walk out the door, never to return
202. men and women willing to give their lives to keep me and my family safe
203. those who come back safe, and must live with the memories
204. the freedom to be an Orthodox Christian, when churches are burning in Egypt
205. the freedom and safety to openly pray and talk about Jesus, while others are still being martyred today


Kim said...

The Freedom to Serve and worship Jesus! Great list! I love it... Have a blessed day!

The Wild Optimist said...

Very powerful. What a wonderful way to integrate faith into the holiday. Happy Independence Day!

flowersforTeacher said...

Nicely done!